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Fifty Year Occupation of Palestine: Humanitarian and Normative Strains of a Protracted Occupation

Protecting Palestinians in the West Bank

In late 2014 I had worked with a group of committed colleagues to form the West Bank Protection Consortium, with a mission of defending Palestinians from forcible transfer. I had served as the Consortium Founding Manager for almost two years before handing over; and since then it has gone from strength to strength, effectively serving Palestinas at risk of displacement. With all the complexity of getting this eleborate humanitarian assitance scheme going, it remains a source of pride for myself and for all those who have been engaged in it, and a measure of reprieve for thousands of Palestinians. See the photo story

Palestinian Reconciliation and Lifting Gaza Out of Want

Would intra-Palestinian reconciliation serve to reverse the impact of a protracted siege imposed by Israel? Only time will tell. This is what I had previously told the UN Human Rights Council on lifting Gazans out of want, and allowing for the sustainable development of the besieged strip.

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Prolonged Occupation